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Account of Pegu and the Voyage to Cambodia and Siam in 1718


Captain Alexander Hamilton collated an account of his voyage to Cambodia and Siam in 1718 with accounts of his experiences in Pegu and elsewhere on earlier travels, as well as information he had gathered about certain other locations (such as Arakan) in his A New Account of the East Indies (Edinburgh, 1727). While the original account also included accounts of parts of the Malay world and "Cochinchina," these have been excluded from the following text. The account begins with a brief account of Chittagong and concludes with eastern mainland Southeast Asia. The best biographical account of Hamilton is that by William Foster in his introduction to the 1930 reprint of the text (London, Argonaut Press). This version was edited by Michael W. Charney and published in the Soas Bulletin of Burma Research.

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